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  1. I am 29 am a guy in Canada from India. In 2012 a girl said she loved me. I trusted her but she cared crap for me and stopped talking and i left India she went to malaysia whole of 2013 -2014 was depressed and heartbroken, she wouldnt even talk back to me and be super mean for no reason. She then told me her parents divorced, she converted to Islam and she hated me and held one night of intimacy against me
  7. She made me feel as if I misused her, when I frankly did nothing, I was highly suicidal and she made me promise I wont suicide and she ditched me completely. I was heartbroken removed from school for 4 months to go back to India with disappointed family, in 2015 I came back to Canada was fed up with my dad complaining of money and now have credit card loans of 7k dollars .  
  11. I have no contact with her for over 4 years now probably she is married, no idea and I dont even think much of her now. I am in bed most of days not wanting to go anywhere in a dark place,not wishing to meet anyone.. I have not much hopes whether I find a job clear my loans etc etc.. I am so done
  15. Now am again asking my bro for help, I suffer my pain alone, no support anywhere. I try dating sites, my family wont approve of me of loving any random girl but if it happens am ready to fight but I just try for friends and always get ignored everywhere. My life in school sucks, I never do any work am always stressed and depressed.
  19. To make things worse - I sleep at odd times, eat at odd times, watch a lot of crap online, have crazy thoughts, being a virgin at 29 doesnt help sometimes you feel horrible, I dont even care if I die a virgin but when you are depressed you look for distraction, since I dont drink or do drugs or smoke. thats the only bad thing I do.  No one understands me , if you feel you dont want to live and neither do you want to die either. Its like am on a wall not knowing where to go but wishing I was never even here. I am totally useless

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