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  2. This is a great group to join if you're looking for something managed by a rude and selfish person.
  3. He will breach your privacy by pestering and attempting to guilt-trip you into sending invites to this group to every gamer you know. He will use the rules to support him, yet such a rule does not exist.
  4. Upon pointing this out, he will promptly kick you.
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  7. Join me now in a righteous crusade. Spread the message far and wide to make sure this group does not see a future. This is exactly the opposite of what we, as a community, should promote. I got some screenshots of the owner attacking a random, new member (prepare for him to deny it).
  12. Originally posted by Pyrrha Nyx:
  13. There is a bigger, better Divinity group that is supported by the devs of Divinity;
  17. By its size, it’s much more active than this group and it also lacks any influence from Potions. What is so bad about Potions that I should separate myself from him, you might be asking. You may already have an inkling of an idea, perhaps a bad vibe you got when he first typed something directed to you. I myself felt somewhat off about his character when I first joined the server. Herein I will detail the events that caused me to turn on Potions and gut his “community”, outlining all of his wrongdoings, and expose his hypocrisy and general ???????ry.
  19. According to the rules you should know that essentially the only bannable offenses are; recruiting members from the Dinomite discord to your own and disagreeing with Potions and his idea of a “community”. Be it a desire for fame or out of a need to have power over others as some sort of “community leader” Potions is obsessed with building a “gaming community” out of complete strangers. Now you have most likely joined Dinomite to find some ongoing Divinity games and don’t particularly care for this “tight knit community”. To Potions that’s fine if you only stay in Dinomite and don’t look for games in other, more popular Discords. If you do and he finds out then he will lambast you and ban you from our Discord. Don’t believe me?
  23. Even joking about the Dinomite Discord will get you banned. He even tries to go after people on Steam who leave bad reviews by getting his staff to report them.
  27. Here is Potions trying to get the members of his Discord to go on a witch hunt after a member jokingly bumped a Steam forum post with the message "something other than bump".
  31. He claimed that Pyrrha Nyx was spamming the forum post on Divinity. Here's the forum post, read the comments by Pyrrha Nyx ask yourself if this is spam;
  35. You just want some Divinity games, but Potions wants your loyalty. If he can’t have it, you can’t be in his Discord. Lucky for you, there are bigger, better Discords out there that aren’t run by adult children.
  37. Now you may think of Potions as overbearing but passionate and somewhat respectable. I will admit that Potions has worked hard to build up the membership of this Discord, and it is disrespectful for someone to join and try to recruit for their Discord out of ours.
  41. It’s understandable that this sort of behaviour should earn a ban and it is to my knowledge one of the very few offences that Potions has banned someone for. So why is it that Potions thinks it’s ok to do this to other Discords when he hates it so much?
  45. To add some context to the evidence, Red Prince is a “Recruiter” for the Discord. This privileged role can assign and revoke roles (effectively muting players) and kick players. Red Prince had been working as hard, if not more so than Potions to recruit and welcome players to the Dinomite Discord and make them feel a sense of community. Potions did grant Red Prince his role back but only after an intense argument.
  49. This man is reprehensible and has no sense of principle whatsoever. The rules of the official Divinity Discord clearly state that no recruitment should be done there for other Discords. That doesn’t matter to Potions. He just wants more members for his “gaming community” and it isn’t “lazy or disrespectful” if the server he is recruiting members from is bigger than his.
  51. If after reading all of this, you still decide to rejoin the Dinomite Discord then I wish you good luck and hope that you don’t have to personally deal with Potions. I’ll even give you an invite link to the Dinomite Discord; You wanted some people to play Divinity with but Potions wants your loyalty. He might say he wants to build a “gaming community” but what he really wants is a hive mind. He is obsessed with numbers and he will stoop to rock bottom to achieve them. If not, join the official Divinity group, it’s much bigger and more active than Dinomite.
  56. And Potions the dictator banned me for caring more about the community than his BS rules. Apparently trying to help people find games, you know the whole reason people are there, goes against his own policies. But oh well, the server is essentially crippled now with no staff because they all left due to Potions tyranny.
  58. A link to a gallery full of the owner's tyranny:
  60. Link to what an Admin had to say about the server:
  62. I'll let you guys decide.
  64. -The Dank Red Prince
  66. Gonna point out some irony here
  67. "We are a mature gaming group" Mature would to not be provoked (especially if you are really right about your argument) and to reply with constructive criticism and not back with insults (which was not done in this thread). To take it even further, to try to manipulate the report system by requesting your own discord group to report somebody. Last I remember, in steam or pretty much any game, trying to gather people to report on your behalf is a violation of terms. If you also have a problem with the report system, then that's a problem you need to take to support yourself, not bend the rules. It's also not mature, it's rash and childish.
  68. Yet again throughout the discord, voicing your annoyance and calling the people you had problems with as trash or other insults is also not mature. You can ignore them like a mature adult or give constructive criticism or an explanation. Not doing so would put you on the same level you claim them to be.
  69. Also noting that replacing admin staff for bots because you believe it's too much power for them? If you are in the right of the argument then you have bad judgment of character when giving people positions (which you should probably be interacting with more people irl and learning that skill as it's pretty important instead running a discord channel, but that's just a suggestion, your life - your choice) or if you are wrong then you failed to earn respect from those you put into that position in the first place which would have prevented any rogue (which is another skill important to learn). Replacing your admin staff because you don't feel you can trust them is paranoid (or if you don't feel like working to find trust worthy admins/moderators, is lazy).
  71. -Mith