From Chunky Duck, 7 Months ago, written in Text.
  1. ~ You will need ~
  3. 8 Foil pie plates.
  4. Canned spaghetti.
  5. Baked beans.
  6. Custard/Vanilla pudding.
  7. Chocolate pudding.
  8. A bucketful of your favorite slime.
  9. 8 Small peices of paper a pen.
  11. ~ Preperation ~
  13. In each piece of paper write one of the following:
  14. Shirt / Underwear / Pants / Socks / Eat / Ruin / Ruin
  16. Now fold the papers, put them in a bowl and mix them with your hand so you dont know whch one's which.
  18. Place the folded papers in the pie plates, one paper per plate. Next fill the plates with the mess, 2 with spaghetti, 2 with beans, 2 with custard, 2 with chocolate.
  19. Next place the pies in a row or around you.
  21. ~ The rules ~
  23. You should do this dare dressed. (Shirt, underwear, pants, socks)
  25. You have to get the paper pieces from the pies using only your mouth. Each time you manage to extract a paper piece you should unfold it, read it and show it to the camera.
  27. The game ends when you get the paper that writes "orgasm".
  29. What happen if you get one of the other papers tho?
  31. Ruin - You must ruin an orgasm before you enjoy your full orgasm. (If you get both ruins that's 2 ruined orgasms.)
  33. Eat - For the rest of the game every time you extract a paper out of a pie you must eat that pie. (Lick the plate clean.)
  35. Pieces of clothing – Check bellow.
  37. So you found the orgasm paper?
  38. Time for your reward!
  39. You can have an orgasm!
  41. But wait, before you get nude and excited theres another step. You didnt think it'll be that easy did you?
  43. Remember the papers that had pieces of clothes writen in them?
  45. Well, you are free to remove all your clothes except those that you retrived. For example if you got the pants paper, you can undress, remove the underwear, but you will have to wear your pants till you have your orgasm.
  46. Also if you wear pants/underwear you can only touch your penis above the clothes.
  48. Are you ready for you orgasm yet? Of course not!
  49. First of all you gonna need some lube, remember the bucket of slime? Pour it all over you.
  51. Next ruin the amount of orgasm that you must if you got any of the "ruin" papers.
  52. You can decrease the amount of ruin orgasms you must have by 1 if you share the video on the group chat.
  54. Finally you can have your orgasm! Enjoy it, you've earned it! But if there are any pies left... Smash them in your face, we dont want to waste them do we?
  56. Have fun!