From Tinct Agouti, 8 Months ago, written in Text.
  1. Dear Mr. Chairman,
  3. Assalamulaikum!! To begin with, I would first like to congratulate you and your team for your tireless services and tremendous efforts for making the journey of Allah's guests i.e. hajj pilgrimants a smoother affair. May Allah reward you with the greatest reward in this world and afterlife. Ameen, Summa Ameen.
  5. Me and My parents have been applying for 3 consecutive years now. Alhumdulillah!! by Allah's will, we got the opportunity to avail your services and to be his Guests this year.
  7. However, our happiness couldn't last longer. I am employed in Singapore and as per guidelines, last date for passport submission of an NRI is 15th April 2018. Practically this is forcing me to take 6 months of leave which might result in loss of my employment. Also, living without salary for 6 months is highly impossible.
  9. Thus I am left with an option of either withdrawing my application or losing my employment. My parents are not capable of performing hajj without me hence would have to withdraw their application too.
  11. You and your team have been helping the pilgrimants for many years now. I request you to advice and help me in this matter.
  13. Awaiting for your earliest response.
  15. Thanks & Regards