From Torrid Matamata, 10 Months ago, written in Text.
  1. * shane at first is like ryan why are you doing this to
  2.   yourself but then he actually agrees because ryan is really desparate
  3. * they spend few days before christmas basically making up their
  4.   whole relationship, ryan does shane a whole powerpoint presentation
  5.   about his family members
  6. * he even searches through those couple videos to know what they
  7.   should know about each other
  8. * it goes so far that they casually start talking about it at work
  9.   so once their coworkers find them arguing whether they plan to adopt
  10.   a child and ryan half shouts at shane "bUT MY MOM WANTS GRANDCHILDREN
  11.   SO WE WILL HAVE THEM, SHANE!" and suddenly everyone is quiet and
  12.   looking at them and shane just cuts the awkward silence with
  13.    "okay, but dog first" and the whole buzzfeed is confused™
  14. * but after some time shane starts enjoying this so when they
  15.   have a movie night he says "i bet i'm gonna make your parents
  16.   love me more than you" and this is when the real motivation starts
  17. * so ryan picks the best time to come home on 22nd of december so no
  18.   one will be home yet and they will have time to prepare
  19. * ofc they come in, arguing about shane's taste in music, and the
  20.   whole bergara family just decorates the hallway and talks so when
  21.   they enter, they have their full attention and shane and ryan are
  22.   like damn we didn't plan this well
  23. * ryan starts panicking so the first thing he says is "we're engaged"
  24. * shane just stares at ryan and tries to play along with it but on
  25.   the inside he's like ryan?!?!
  26. * that day ryan's mom gets mad at him that he didn't tell her about his fiancé
  27. * but she's way more shocked about the fact that ryan has been dating
  28.   shane the whole time
  29. * "now i have to watch all the unsolved episodes again thinking it's
  30.   my boy falling in love"
  31. * when they have family dinner, his aunt asks them about the proposal.
  32.   ryan chokes on his tea
  33. * shane makes up the most unrealistic extra engagement and ryan
  34.   kicks him after every sentence under the table
  35. * shane finishes his dramatic story with "jk i just spelled
  36.   'will you marry me' with an ouija board"
  37. * mrs bergara, excited: "and you said yes?!"
  38. * ryan, completely monotone voice: "no i said 'are you
  39.   fucking kidding me' and 'we need to cut this out'"
  40. * *silence*
  41. * after dinner ryan goes to talk to his brother and mr bergara takes shane on the side
  42. * shane: "are you gonna give me THE talk?" *nervous laughter*
  43. * mr bergara: "no i want to know why is my son dating such a dick"
  44. * shane: *nervous laughter*
  45. * the next day they decorate the house with the lights
  46. * shane, determined to impress his family: "i got this"
  47. * he falls from the ladder 5 minutes later
  48. * shane trying his hardest so the whole bergara family would like him
  49. * he succeeds eventually
  50. * later on ryan's little nephew comes in and suprisingly shane is really
  51.   great with kids and eventhough shane and ryan played really badly a
  52.   couple at first they really synchronize with time
  53. * shane gives ryan for christmas their first picture they took together
  54.   framed and some expensive ghost hunting gadget he always wanted
  55. * and then ryan's brother asks him "you really love him, don't you"
  56. * and ryan without thinking replies "i do"
  57. * and then he realizes he's screwed