From Miane, 11 Months ago, written in Text.
  1. I got 90% of the CGs from trial and error, so I'll try what I can to help out:
  3. The first two days are pretty straightforward. Just touch the (!) events to trigger them. Time passes through these events, so you won't have a full day.
  5. The upper left corner indicates your current goals. In the beginning, the long line that starts with 家 means to look inside the house and/or the surrounding village for events. Very open-ended.
  7. Day 2 upon exiting will give the most persistent goal of the game: to build a "secret base" aka a tree house (...作ろう). The first objective is scouting out a place, so you have to go west all the way until you reach the mountain zone.
  9. Over the course of the next few days/week, you have to collect materials to build them. In the beginning, talk to Gramps in your house and he will give you rope/lumber. Actually, just talk to Gramps everyday for the first week or two because he usually gives you random stuff (that I haven't actually used). Afterwards, it's pointless to talk to him.
  11. Two more items are needed: wooden floor boards and corrugated sheet metal. The floorboards are acquired through a cutscene, but the sheet metal you have to go find yourself. It's in the park zone at a junction of two paths (to the bus stop and to the school) near some pipes. Every time you acquire a material, you have to go to the mountain to trigger the event.
  13. At another point in time, you'll have a mission to capture a beetle. Two objectives will be listed under the same heading, telling you to find  two items: honey and a bug net. The honey is easily found in the kitchen(?) (click on the small jar), but the net is acquired by talking to your friend Kenta (took me a good hour to figure that out...)
  15. Once acquired, go to the shrine and at the round open space at the bottom of the stairs, capture a beetle. Out of four choices, I think three succeed and one doesn't, but you can always save-scum. Afaik, the beetle doesn't really do anything and you just sort of keep it in front of your house, but I suppose it might account for the missing 10% along with other stuff I missed.
  17. Speaking of save-scumming, you'll occasionally encounter "random" events that serve to increase the romance points of each girl. Again, memorize the girls' names and save before every decision. You'll know which girl liked that decision when you hear a boop and see their name in a bracketed phrase (X romance points increased). It's possible to have decisions that can improve both.
  19. Of course, at this point, you will realize (like me) that there is a lack of H. No worries--I'll tell you how to acquire them.
  21. As you're roaming around in the village going from A to B, the day will be passing as well. If you're going solo, you can return to the house at any time to potentially trigger a scene (namely, some sort of groping).
  23. If you want to go down Yurika route (twin tail summer dress), go harass her between 9-12 in the morning.
  24. If you want to go down Aika route (older sister), go harass her at 2 PM (time can be passed by clicking the clock and choosing # of hours).
  26. I went down the Aika route, but occasionally I still randomly had groping scenes involving Yurika. I hypothesize that this has something to do with the romance points of both being above a threshold, even though i didn't really try for her.
  28. There is a third goal that's fairly important: at some point in time (usually early on), you should have found a porn magazine near the river bank that leads to the mountain. Once the tree house progresses to a certain point, the game will want you to look for the remaining magazines with your friend.
  30. (To bring along people, just find them and talk to them. Top choice is bringing them along, bottom is cancel).
  32. There are some 12 in total, including the first you found, scattered around every zone. Fortunately, they are all labeled with the large exclamation bubbles, so it shouldn't take you too long to collect them all.
  34. Eventually, when you go to the tree house with your full collection, you'll trigger a scene. First Yurika, then when you come back the next day, Aika.
  36. There are also two events with Yurika if she tags along with you. Inside the house, you might see a event bubble in the kitchen. Those two are both H-scenes.
  38. Basically, as you're completing goals, always try to complete random events in favor of the girl you want, and return to the house at the right time to grope her as well until your relationship improves. (wish that was the case in real life)
  40. For me, I completed almost everything at day 10 except for the door to the tree house. For some reason, the event never triggered, and I couldn't figure out if it was waiting on my relationship with a girl to progress or if i had to bring someone along, or if i had to just wait until a certain day arrives.
  42. Fortunately, it didn't impede my collection of Aika scenes, and after a good 6-7 gropings plus sleep molestations, we eventually banged. From then on, any plot events that are unavoidable (festival, shrine visit, beach), will give you an option of picking a certain girl to go with. Naturally, picking the one which you've established a relationship with will unlock more scenes. Returning at 2PM only netted me one more.
  44. I eventually built the tree house by randomly waiting for several hours at the mountain, so I still don't know exactly how it triggered. After the tree house was done, the goal went back to "look around for events" like the very first one.
  46. Plus, in the last week, I wasn't able to find anything at all. Sleeping only progresses to the next day (you only get two night scenes, one girl each), and the last event was the beach.
  48. I was pleasantly surprised by the sudden increase in scenes near the end though. Making the most of the last few days before you have to leave, I suppose.
  50. I did get a bonus scene (epilogue probably) when you return during spring break.