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  2. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 1:10 AM
  3. Welcome @RednU RevoC
  4. RednU RevoC - Today at 1:10 AM
  5. hi
  6. TheOneGuns the OG - Today at 1:10 AM
  7. G'day
  8. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 1:10 AM
  9. the names these days.... XD
  10. RednU RevoC - Today at 1:17 AM
  11. ne tips for a new guy here?
  12. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 1:18 AM
  13. oh just read foremost the general rules, feel free to ask if you need anything
  14. TheOneGuns the OG - Today at 1:18 AM
  15. make a kickass character
  16. RednU RevoC - Today at 1:21 AM
  17. i thoght we cant be kickass here?
  18. TheOneGuns the OG - Today at 1:22 AM
  19. you can still be kickass
  20. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 1:25 AM
  21. all we ask is to make a RP character
  22. instead 2 dimensional murderhobo
  23. Poison - Today at 1:26 AM
  24. Looks at Kahnliss.
  25. Why not both?
  26. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 1:26 AM
  27. there are still folks that power game, hence there is some restriction on certain things
  28. RednU RevoC - Today at 1:26 AM
  29. i dnt know what that means
  30. i dnt want to be to strong and get in trouble
  31. Poison - Today at 1:28 AM
  32. No, nooo.
  33. Powergaming (or power gaming) is a style of interacting with games or game-like systems, particularly video games, boardgames, and role-playing games, with the aim of maximising progress towards a specific goal, to the exclusion of other considerations such as storytelling, atmosphere and camaraderie.
  34. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 1:30 AM
  35. i would suggest first think of a character concept, then look at the classes, then build from there
  36. for example, My rogue was originally going to be a helper rogue giving aid another bonus, then i found a archetype that i like and end up with a shady sands shuffle rogue
  37. TheOneGuns the OG - Today at 1:31 AM
  38. as a general rule play something fun and dont spend time trying to keep getting +1 to everything and you sould be fine(edited)
  39. Nydestroyer - Today at 1:31 AM
  40. Archetypes are generally the fun way to find interesting character stuff
  41. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 1:32 AM
  42. another example Magus: Card Caster Archetype, Gambit!!!!!
  43. RednU RevoC - Today at 1:32 AM
  44. So i must make a character weak?
  45. Nydestroyer - Today at 1:32 AM
  46. no lol
  47. TheOneGuns the OG - Today at 1:32 AM
  48. @Leiyang - Master of Horror wait have not seen that one it would be great
  49. @RednU RevoC have you played alot of pathfinder?
  50. Nydestroyer - Today at 1:33 AM
  51. I was thinking about making doctor strange as a Warlock archetype investigator
  52. I mean
  53. vigilante
  54. not investigator
  55. RednU RevoC - Today at 1:33 AM
  56. Yes i play pf for long time
  57. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 1:33 AM
  58. yeah since i went Arcanist so i havent got around making a Magus Card caster, you are welcome to use it
  60. TheOneGuns the OG - Today at 1:34 AM
  61. have you ever had people complain you are Powergaming?
  62. RednU RevoC - Today at 1:34 AM
  63. i alrdy know gambit magus
  64. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 1:34 AM
  65. its not a powerful archetype but fun
  66. Nydestroyer - Today at 1:34 AM
  67. Basically just pick something you like and if it happens to also be powerful its fine lol
  68. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 1:35 AM
  69. pick a card to tell your fortune with Harrow cards, proceed to explode it
  70. Nydestroyer - Today at 1:35 AM
  71. the tier system ballences it all out
  72. imo
  73. RednU RevoC - Today at 1:35 AM
  74. but nydestyroer they keep say its bad to be strong
  75. Nydestroyer - Today at 1:35 AM
  76. o.o no
  77. they did not
  78. RednU RevoC - Today at 1:35 AM
  79. the forum
  80. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 1:35 AM
  81. lol we are saying its bad to be all about stats
  82. make something that you would love to RP in
  83. Nydestroyer - Today at 1:36 AM
  84. just dont throw all the effort into maxing damage or something
  85. thats all lol
  86. RednU RevoC - Today at 1:36 AM
  87. if i like the rp then i cna be strong?
  88. can
  89. TheOneGuns the OG - Today at 1:36 AM
  90. make something fun and it should be fine
  91. RednU RevoC - Today at 1:37 AM
  92. all class is fun in pf
  93. pf is fun game!
  94. i try not be problem here tho
  95. Nydestroyer - Today at 1:39 AM
  96. Example: I have a guy who juggles and throws greatswords (Highly not optimal but can do some decent damage) who comes from a clan of barbarians that juggle large weapons and use them in combat, and then I also have another guy who is just a disarming focused swordlord fighter who outwardly acts brave and good but is actually a shallow person. <this guy is decent in combat with an ac of around 29 when fighting defensivly but thats fine lol
  97. But my t2 is a gnome that is a healing focused oracle with a wreaker curse and my t1 is a basketwaving barbarian, Basically themeing is something that is favored here lol
  98. concept before power basically but if your concept is powerfull oh well
  99. as long as its not super cheese
  100. This is all my view on it though
  101. from what I have observed
  102. Nuramon-Occult Worshipper - Today at 1:43 AM
  103. I find choosing a backstory and creating based on the backstory the concept more interesting.
  104. RednU RevoC - Today at 1:43 AM
  105. i alway make good story and fit my class feats to be good too
  106. can i be tier 3 sense i am new or no
  107. TheOneGuns the OG - Today at 1:50 AM
  108. yer you can make a T3
  109. Nydestroyer - Today at 1:50 AM
  110. Just make sure you know the difference between t3 and CL3
  111. RednU RevoC - Today at 1:50 AM
  112. i must make CL1: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Halfling
  113. Nydestroyer - Today at 1:51 AM
  114. And you can have up to 9 characters 3 of each tier, and yep
  115. also the classes are restricted as well
  116. RednU RevoC - Today at 1:52 AM
  117. CL1: All Core, Base, and Unchained Classes excluding Base Summoner
  118. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:00 AM
  119. i can t find what ability points to have
  120. Nydestroyer - Today at 2:00 AM
  121. 20 point buy
  122. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:00 AM
  123. i read general rule
  124. Nydestroyer - Today at 2:01 AM
  125. read character creation now
  126. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:01 AM
  127. it not here in rules page
  128. i only see welcome general rule and omunity expcetions
  129. Nydestroyer - Today at 2:02 AM
  130. go to the main forums
  131. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:02 AM
  132. comunity
  133. Nydestroyer - Today at 2:03 AM
  134. there is a whole section of the forum called character creation
  135. it has the character creation rules
  136. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:03 AM
  137. y hide this?
  138. Nydestroyer - Today at 2:03 AM
  139. no one hit anything lol
  140. says right on the main forum "Information and rules for character creation"
  141. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:05 AM
  142. :worried: but it not in game rules place with rules so i can t find til u tell me
  143. i read now :relieved:
  144. what is power feat?
  145. Nydestroyer - Today at 2:12 AM
  146. 'Power Feats' include but are not limited to: Combat, Racial, Metamagic, Critical, Offensive Magic General (increase DC, Ability, Pen. etc.) < in the general rules, I have to go to sleep so ttyl(edited)
  147. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:13 AM
  148. i know lots feats not those types that make you strong killer type
  149. what is Offensive Magic General (increase DC, Ability, Pen. etc.)
  150. i know magic and general
  151. Nydestroyer - Today at 2:14 AM
  152. I wish I could stay and answer your questions but Its 5am sorry
  153. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:14 AM
  154. how i know if i have right tier if it can be more kinds?
  155. Nydestroyer - Today at 2:15 AM
  156. you ask when you make the character, the person approving the character will tell you, you can also ask in pathfinder discussion for a judgement from a demigod or god
  157. now got to go really though
  158. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:16 AM
  159. can you say example of not power feat?
  160. TheOneGuns the OG - Today at 2:17 AM
  161. skill focus
  162. Alertness
  163. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:17 AM
  164. :thinking:
  165. Poison - Today at 2:17 AM
  166. Let's go find the list.
  167. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:18 AM
  168. there is list of what feat is power feat?:relieved:  that will help much
  169. Poison - Today at 2:18 AM
  170. There's a general guide somewhere.
  171. Metamagic and combat feats are always power feats.
  172. And yes, if you get bonus feats, those count. Making a T1 Fighter is impossible.
  173. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:19 AM
  174. not if take arctype so trade combat feat out
  175. i also think making t1
  176. i read this in rules
  177. Specific feats granted by class abilities (Such as Monk's Improved Unarmed Strike or Rogue's Weapon Finesse) do not count toward 'Power Feats'
  178. once i play unbreaking fighter and get endurance and diehard
  179. this place has lot of rule
  180. i have to read for year before play here with you all :tired_face:
  181. Hungrygnome - Today at 2:25 AM
  182. Okay, for adventure recaps, Is it I pay HALF of what the listed value is for an item, right?
  183. Poison - Today at 2:27 AM
  184. Correct.
  185. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 2:34 AM
  186. essentially its treasure you found in the adventure, the remaining gold is the stuff you didnt take liquidated
  187. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:37 AM
  188. can we play with using prestieg class?
  189. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 2:37 AM
  190. yes but some prestige you need to earn it
  191. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:38 AM
  192. i think poison maker merchant maybe on t1 character
  193. Poison - Today at 2:38 AM
  194. You need to qualify as well, but you knew that.
  195. Ooohhhh.
  196. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 2:38 AM
  197. link the prestige?
  198. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:39 AM
  199. i reading general rule say alchemist master feat still work for poison make
  200. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 2:39 AM
  201. you are not the first poison maker though
  202. there are 5 alchemist in town
  203. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:39 AM
  205. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 2:40 AM
  206. this require RP, as this have a special requirement
  207. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:40 AM
  208. Yes Special: Poison use class ability. The character must craft at least 1,000 gp worth of poisons and donate them to the Daggermark Poisoners’ Guild.
  209. but is easy with alchemist and master feat
  210. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 2:41 AM
  211. the second line, donate to Daggermark Poisoner's Guild
  212. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:41 AM
  213. Yes i can make poison to them
  214. 1,000 gp worth of poisons
  215. Poison - Today at 2:43 AM
  216. This is cool and full of flavor. If you're willing to take the downtime to do this, then by all means I think it's alright if you do it.
  217. Going from Saoirse to a major city is no easy task, but possible.
  218. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:44 AM
  219. why i have to go?
  220. Poison - Today at 2:44 AM
  221. As Leiyang said, to donate to the Daggermark Poisoner's Guild.
  222. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:44 AM
  223. i send them in mail :slight_smile:
  224. Poison - Today at 2:44 AM
  225. :frowning:
  226. But the ROOOOOLEPLAY.
  227. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:45 AM
  228. i RP to letter office
  229. i can send note for them to get it from me or i send to them
  230. merchant sell thing
  231. i don t deliver to them :slight_smile: make t3 take for me :slight_smile:
  232. DM make adventure to donate 1,000 gp of poisons
  233. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 2:48 AM
  234. there is no letter office btw
  235. and currently we dont have trade caravan to town
  236. TheOneGuns the OG - Today at 2:49 AM
  237. tho nothing would stop him paying a group of players to deliver
  238. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 2:49 AM
  239. still require some form of RP, which means  DM needs to create
  240. thats what i mean, it needs to done in a game
  241. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:50 AM
  242. yes like @TheOneGuns the OG say
  243. i pay group to take for me
  244. group like poisons? i pay them poisons :relieved:
  245. i RP for group to take them.  or make group bring daggermrk to come here to get 1,000 gp worth of poisons
  246. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 2:52 AM
  247. question though, do you know where the guild is located?
  248. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:53 AM
  249. in daggermark
  250. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 2:53 AM
  251. and how far is daggermark?
  252. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:53 AM
  253. group has to figure it out
  254. i just pay
  255. Poison - Today at 2:53 AM
  256. That's not how running a game works RednU RevoC. It's frowned upon circumventing rules and stuff.
  257. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:53 AM
  258. i give job i can t do
  259. ???
  260. i not circumvent rule
  261. i do rule smart like merchant
  262. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 2:54 AM
  263. You do know where Varisian is right?
  264. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:55 AM
  265. Varisia is continent
  266. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 2:56 AM
  267. travel times from Varisia to Daggermark could be measure in Months....
  268. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:56 AM
  269. so?
  270. fantasy time always take long to go place
  271. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 2:58 AM
  272. ok then let me point that 1 Downtime day is equal to real life day
  273. RednU RevoC - Today at 2:58 AM
  274. i not use downtime
  275. i not go any place
  276. downtime to go places for quests here???
  277. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 2:59 AM
  278. as in the player's PC will be gone for during the travel times,
  279. yes
  280. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 3:00 AM
  281. and the further you go, the longer your PC takes to come abcl
  282. RednU RevoC - Today at 3:00 AM
  283. maybe i pay wizard instead then for teleporting
  284. i read wiki for daggermrk
  285. it say guild is famous
  286. Poison - Today at 3:02 AM
  287. Someone has to have visited Daggermark, then have the spell Teleport, then you'd have to find a wizard willing to teleport you there and back, then you'd have to pay for it. But yeah, that might work.
  288. Hungrygnome - Today at 3:02 AM
  289. This campaign is about playing in a small Frontier Town in the day-to-day tracking of everything that goes on . if you leave that takes time
  290. RednU RevoC - Today at 3:03 AM
  291. so can t be merchant well
  292. so i make t3
  293. Hungrygnome - Today at 3:04 AM
  294. There are plenty of merchants in town you can be a merchant it's just difficult to be a dagger mark poisoner.  While they are famous it's mostly because of the results of their work not so much at everyone knows where they are
  295. RednU RevoC - Today at 3:04 AM
  296. poison makers are not assassin ones
  297. daggermark make two group
  298. Hungrygnome - Today at 3:04 AM
  299. Poison making is generally illegal in most countries
  300. Poison - Today at 3:05 AM
  301. You can be a merchant. You can make poisons. You just have to acknowledge there rarely things like "narrative time" since this place goes on a 1 to 1 basis.
  302. What it means is downtime is free, but very slow to acquire.
  303. RednU RevoC - Today at 3:06 AM
  304. :grin: i make poison guy first and make him go daggermark
  305. Hungrygnome - Today at 3:06 AM
  306. I don't believe poison making is illegal in this town in area but in many other areas it is so they're not exactly out in the open
  307. RednU RevoC - Today at 3:06 AM
  308. then make t3
  309. and play so poison man come back with time
  310. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 3:07 AM
  311. well its not illegal in town but few if any buys it
  312. its already rare enough for folks to buy Potion as it is
  313. RednU RevoC - Today at 3:07 AM
  314. i make more alchemy item too
  315. Hungrygnome - Today at 3:08 AM
  316. I'm guessing English is not your primary language from your grammar?(edited)
  317. RednU RevoC - Today at 3:08 AM
  318. :grin: yes
  319. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 3:08 AM
  320. english is not my primary language as well
  321. RednU RevoC - Today at 3:08 AM
  322. i not good at speak english well yet
  323. i have with me troubles often
  324. so i pray for good reading and understand from others
  325. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 3:10 AM
  326. Eh, dont worry about it too much(edited)
  327. Hungrygnome - Today at 3:10 AM
  328. I only ask because I tend to simplify things for those without a firm grasp of English
  329. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 3:10 AM
  330. for me is my brain goes faster than i type
  331. RednU RevoC - Today at 3:10 AM
  332. i read more that can type
  333. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 3:10 AM
  334. so words kinda get lost in transit from time to time
  335. Hungrygnome - Today at 3:11 AM
  336. Google Translate is your friend
  337. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 3:11 AM
  338. in any case, play something simple Red
  339. RednU RevoC - Today at 3:11 AM
  340. alchemist poison maker is simple
  341. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 3:11 AM
  342. to get familiar with the setting and rules here before you try something that requires alot of RP
  343. RednU RevoC - Today at 3:11 AM
  344. alchemist come to make poison already
  345. Leiyang - Master of Horror - Today at 3:12 AM
  346. yeah about that, there are to my knowledge 3 alchemist with Master Alchemist Feat
  347. Hungrygnome - Today at 3:12 AM
  348. You could also go tier 2 and do crafting and combat adventuring
  349. RednU RevoC - Today at 3:13 AM
  350. you should say daggermark poison marker not allowed instead
  351. i ask first about it because of this reasons
  352. Hungrygnome - Today at 3:13 AM
  353. They don't say it's not allowed because its potential it's just difficult to gain the requirements
  354. RednU RevoC - Today at 3:14 AM
  355. i make reasons for how to make work this thing
  356. i think good merchant can send goods
  357. is part of being good merchant!
  358. t1 for this kind of idea for character is the point ?
  359. Hungrygnome - Today at 3:16 AM
  360. Will Tier 1 characters going to be almost entirely crafting based do you intend to do any combat or taking any combat oriented feats?
  361. RednU RevoC - Today at 3:17 AM
  362. t1 merchant idea is make poisons and alchemist item
  363. alchemist class good for RP for this
  364. t1 is not for combat i think
  365. i thinking t3 to combat