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  1. Once upon a time, there lived a foolish guy, he would believe anything anyone said and trusted easily. He just believed in one thing that was his heart/conscience.
  2. He was interested in sports, but could never get into it and had to do academics. Then he failed in academics but still was happy go lucky , when finally the dreaded
  3. day had to come when all his friends had left and he was old ,so he had to get a job. He didn't care for money, but the society cared for status so did his family and finally
  4. he found jobs, but never content as he could never earn enough money. Then they told him , if your cross the seas you will get gold and make everyone happy.
  5. So he tried and got an opportunity to go across the seas. In the midst of this, he met a beautiful girl who fell for him, his thoughts and he spent time with her and fell in love.
  6. Alas when he had a dent to go across the seas,the girl ignored him, then he fought back and went across the seas. Then the girl talked but never as before.
  7. The foolish guy met different humans, who made his life better/worse only god knows that. Then he contacted the girl but she ignored him, the fool got stuck
  8. across the seas for 4.5 years heartbroken first, then loaning from banks never being able to complete his degree or find a job while everyone around him was successful.
  9. The girl left him 4 years before no contact, she was in a diff country. Religion screwed the fool, money does, family does , society does. The fool lives on and if he
  10. says he wants to end his life people call him a fool and then he decided let me not end life just live, anyways am a fool.
  12. The fool lives in darkness, even though its sunny outside, he wants to play but he doesnt go out, he wastes his time online watching crap, doing crap and still trying
  13. but for everyone else its always like why cant he just not be a fool.
  15. The fool's laughter at himself is this story

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