From Mungo Wolf, 8 Months ago, written in Text.
  1. I remember the day when before diwali I went to punjabi bagh temple and I got an opportunity to have association of prabhu ji.  I found prabhi ji have a very special relationship with each and every devotee. We had to pack some prasadam for some devotees and on the way and during the service we meet so many devotees and I found that he did not passed even a single devotee without interacting with him. We met a small child named 'lalu yadav' , we met Ajay nitai prabhu , we met sundar krishna pr,the cook devotees in the kitchen, and the devotee who came to take the packed prasadam and with each and every  one of them prabhu ji interacted in so lovingly that they all felt very happy. Seeing this I was touched from heart and it shows how a vaisanava should behave with other vaisanavas.