From Crimson Peafowl, 9 Months ago, written in Text.
  1. Citizens & Members of Invictus Imperium:
  3. I come before you seeking the now empty Triarch seat which once sat the former Pack-master Arette, many of you may not know me and those that do know that I strive to serve the Order in any shape and form possible. Each of us strive for a different goal or purpose, but through those we all persevere for the ultimate goal: to ensure Invictus Imperium is the image of perfection in a world filled with chaos and destruction. Hailing from a peasant background, I witnessed and dealt with the turmoil of a land being ripped apart by an idea made into a nightmare. I do not wish for that, but instead wish to help bring forward the proposals/ideas that many want to see. Do we not seek to outshine others that wish for us to stumble, fall, and continue to struggle? As the Tide rises over the lands of Nirn, covering everything and everyone in confusion, fear, and absolute terror; we are the ones that will meet the Tide with a purpose that will make our enemies quiver and convulse to the point they will run instead of fighting us.
  5. I ask that you stand with me, to ensure that this happens and help me claim the empty seat of the Triarch. I will not throw at you flowery words or pompous lies, I bare before the simply truth of why I seek the chair. Your minds are your own, your words your own. Be of either way, I will continue to serve our Order until breath is drained from me and my blood shed.