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  1. So this match was originally billed as Emma v Jean Grey, but Darksaint changed his draft to Invisible Woman (which is totally fine by me). I assume, because it’s Darksaint, that he did this cause he has a clever attack up his sleeve, so I’ll welcome whatever he’s cooked up. For my part, I tried to use a clever tactic in the last match and judges dinged me for it, so I gotta switch up my approach: straight-up mindblitz.
  2. Emma should win this match because she actually has a history of psi-blasting Sue, and a record of extremely quick reactions. This fits Marvel’s long history of depicting telepaths as having exceptionally superhuman thinking speeds. In a quickdraw match, the evidence supports Emma winning.
  5. [size=3][b]Emma mindblasts Sue[/b][/size]
  8. [img][/img]
  11. Emma's telepathy, on-panel, completely bypasses Sue's shield. This should be game, set, match here.
  13. For those following along from the previous match, Darksaint claimed that Emma was only able to pierce Sue’s shield (in the above feat) because Sue made an invisible wall, not a bubble, so the telepathy ‘went around’ the wall, rather than through it. [b]This is bogus.[/b] It rests on a phony interpretation of the fourth panel, where Wolverine stands opposite the F4. On the F4 side of the panel, everything is shaded blue because a bubble is surrounding them. Just look at the difference is the colour of grass -- the force bubble clearly curves overtop of them. Additionally, you can actually see the 'wall' between the two sides curving around the F4... because it's a freaking bubble. The only reason to interpret this as a wall, not a bubble (and when has Sue resorted to a wall instead of a bubble?), is to grasp at straws to claim that Emma's telepathy didn't directly pierce the shield.
  15. But it did, and this is why Darksaint loses the match.
  17. To argue why she wins the quickdraw, I’ll show Emma using superhuman processing speed to instantly pull off much more difficult feats than this, because if she can rig up complex illusions in a second, a basic blast will be so much faster. I want to underline that in this match she’s using the most basic, rudimentary telepathic attack: fry the sh*t out of Sue’s brain. Exactly what she’s already done on panel, just with the dial up to 11.
  19. [b][size=3]Emma wins a quickdraw [/b][/size]
  21. As shown in the previous match, Emma has split-second reaction feats:
  25. And she's actually out-reacted an attack from the Phoenix:
  26. [url=][img][/img][/url]
  28. Beyond reaction feats though, it's clear that telepaths in Marvel are treated as having superhuman processing speed. Powerful mutant minds stop obeying the physics of brains, and start being able to do things like reassemble atomic structures in nanoseconds (Cable v Surfer), or process vast history in seconds (Nate v Dark Avengers). While Emma doesn't have feats of that scale under her belt, she does have feats like:
  30. [list][*]instantly teaching Rachel Grey how to turn herself psychically invisible:
  32. [*]rigging up complex illusions in a single panel:
  38. [*]and again:
  41. [*]stopping a racing Quicksilver in his tracks:
  42. [url=][img][/img][/url]
  43. [/list]
  45. Remember, Emma isn't trying to rig up illusions or stop people mid-motion without hurting them. She's just going for the brain fry. Just like she does [url=]here[/url] against Storm, or [url=]here[/url] against Wolverine and Cap, or [url=]here[/url] against Nate Grey.
  47. Judges, look at those extremely simple and quick sucker-punch attacks and ask yourself if she couldn't quickly and simply do the exact same thing to Sue (as she's done on panel, before). :up:
  50. [b][size=3]Emma wins.[/b][/size]