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  1. Software in development that seeks to create a better interface and note taking experience for Art History students. Ars Nota (named after
  2. the Ars Nova period) will feature an interface that allows students to create descriptions and notes for
  3. particular details within the art piece they are studying. The problem that I have found is that most students use PowerPoint to
  4. take notes. The problem within PowerPoint is that one must either write descriptions about where the detail is found on the
  5. picture before actually typing out what the detail means towards the overall meaning of the picture. There are ways to get around
  6. this on PowerPoint, but it is much too inconvenient to carry out in terms of fast moving lecture class. To get around this, Ars
  7. Nota will allow users to place tickers on the details of the painting. These tickers will be similar to footnotes found in books and
  8. will open up to show the notes that students took of that particular detail. Additonal features will include allowing imports of pictures,
  9. browsing through scans of paintings found online, note sharing, comparing multiple pictures, a mobile app for on the go studying, and more.