From Queen Owl, 11 Months ago, written in Text.
  1. My main interest in mathematics had always lied in the field of optimization, I was fascinated
  2. by the greatly distinct approaches it offered to virtually the same problem, to find the best solution.
  3. Each passing semester further piqued my curiosity, as I was fortunate enough to be introduced to very
  4. captivating problems by András Frank and László Lovász, teachers at Eötvös Loránd University.
  6. I held a lecture about clustering algorithms as per a course called "Models and Their Applications",
  7. and as I was researching on the application of clustering in image processing, I was quickly engrossed
  8. in the underlying concepts of object recognition and classification. I was working on my thesis at the time,
  9. and my University offered no such courses, so I decided to complete the Machine Learning course offered by Stanford
  10. University on coursera, a website which provides material on a myriad of subjects.
  12. It gave me a very good insight to the basics of artificial intelligence and machine learning, so I
  13. decided to develop webcam object-recognition program, using an efficient image processing Java
  14. library called Processing.
  16. I chose The University of Edinburgh because <research here>.
  18. leírni szakdoga + machine learning szakirány
  20. morgan stanley?
  22. munkatapasztalat -> de akár reaeaesearchhh