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  1. [u][b][color=red][size=3]POST, ZE FINAL[/size][/color][/b][/i]
  3. Well, the lordofBS hath struck back.  Let’s see what to make of his post:
  5. 1.      [b]Sentience of Mjolnir[/b].  The issue isn’t whether the hammer is sentient, but [i]whether he would have access to the sentient feats[/i].  It was my understanding that only tourney recognized Thunder Gods get access to Mother Storm and other storm-related feats.  Lol  Whatever.  Trivial in the grand scheme.  I’m happy to leave the issue in the hands of the judges to decide or work out and rule how you will.  :up:
  7. 2.      Why don’t I care whether his hammer is considered sentient or not?  Well, because [i][b]THIS[/b][/i] point damns his entire plan anyway:
  9. [quote]Mjolnir IS SENTIENT and as such [u]must have a system to distribute commands through its system. That system is EFFECTIVELY CIRCUITRY[/u] and therefore can be manipulated by Cyborg Superman. [/quote]
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  15. I mean, WTH kinda nonsense….?  That’s so crazy I genuinely don’t know how to rebut it.  Is this the same circuitry that forces people in the lasso to tell the truth?  The same circuitry runs through the Eye of Agamotto?  The Ebony Blade?  I really don’t know what to say to that.  Rare when I see something so blatantly nonsensical put forward as a legit argument.  [csm]shrug[/csm]
  17. 3.      [b]SPEED!!1!:[/b]  He is faster than me—[i]in theory at least[/i].  The hilarious part of his stance though?  [i]He never once even TRIED to use of his speed to his advantage in any way at all.[/i]  He arrived, then was casting his mind into the hammer.  I arrived, I teleported.  There’s also the issue of him—again—showing a scan of Borg blitzing Superman [b]WHILE HE WEARS THE YELLOW RINGS[/b].  We don’t know if Supes was even LOOKING at, or attending Borg.  That SINGULAR SPEED scan is laughably inadequate, and in [i]NO WAY AT ALL[/i] gives us any idea of how fast Borg actually is.  SAYING he has Superman-esque stats=/=HAVING Superman-esque stats.  He’d need to PROVE that with several more speed scans
  19. But again, speed is a meaningless issue here.  He does throw this tidbit out though, and I think it’s at least worth addressing, since I have time again:
  21. [quote]Rather, he is operating at “THE SPEED OF THOUGHT” which Cyborg Superman and his Cyborg Army are DEFINITIVELY faster than.[/quote]
  23. That may SEEM like a wholly logical statement, but of course, we are dealing with COMICS, and as is so often the case, REAL WORLD logic often takes a backseat:
  27. We see the Supreme Intelligence cast his thoughts at FAR in excess of light speed, we see Monica defeated by the speed of thought, we see Magneto’s consciousness keeping up with Monica’s light form and we even see Loki himself attempting to keep up with the speed of his OWN thoughts—a speed “beyond all reckoning and swifter than lightning”.  I also showed a non-canon scan of the ADJUDICATOR approaching Earth at far and away greater than ftl speeds.  Didn’t think the canonicity was relevant to the idea that comics, in general, portray the speed of thought as faster (at times) than the speed of light.  We’ve also seen telepaths like XAVIER cast their thoughts across the galaxy—so he could communicate with his beloved LILANDRA.  DC has many examples to support the idea as well.  SPEED OF THOUGHT can and HAS been portrayed as being FASTER than light.  Logic be damned.  It’s comics.  :up:
  29. 4.  It would appear he wants you to think he can somehow cast his mind into Mjolnir, create his army, and obliterate me….BEFORE I teleport.  :|
  31. Honestly (and again), I just…don’t really have any idea what to say about his line of argument.  Of course, he never once addresses the issue of the limited amount of uru he has to work with in order to “create his army”.  :lol:  You almost have to admire his straight forward stick-to-itiveness—it makes no sense in the world, but….it is determined.  Seriously, I’m not even entirely sure how to debate this.  The hammer has…command circuitry?  He can create an army from the head of the hammer…?  He can do all these things AND obliterate me before I…teleport?  
  33. Whew.  I just, I don’t--  [csm]shrug[/csm]
  35. [b][color=red]CLOSING[/color][/b]
  37. Not much to say here, I guess.  He never rebutted a single point aside from my speed which…I conceded and was never an issue in the battle anyway…?   I guess he complained about my shield’s strength.  A shield, on its own, capable of withstanding VOID pummeling it.  The SAME shield I AMPED by casting it through Mjolnir, then doubled down on?  Yeah, pretty confident in THAT shield’s strength.  :up:
  39. Aside from that, well, ummm, everything I said and did in my first 2 posts stands, apparently uncontested in any meaningful way….?  :confused:
  41. I arrive, teleport, shield, find him, create duplicates to distract then I [color=red]*POOF*[/color] him into my globe where Old King Loki and I kill him on the astral plane.  I offered an alternative plan, regarding a combined psychic assault in combination with an astral attack but it would seem that isn’t really necessary since he never contested anything of worth in his rebuttal.  In his defense, the BF was challenging for him—severely limiting his greatest weapon—his technopathy.  With absolutely no tech around to take advantage of he was greatly neutered.  But really, he should have known that going in and argued for a different BF when Damborg asked for ideas, or switched characters.  Basically poor planning from beginning to end.  /shrug
  43. Just before I take my leave, I did want to show this scan, because I thought it was kind of cool, and again reinforces Loki’s ability to deal with machines:
  47. Just not something we typically see from Loki, so thought it worth showing in case anyone thought he was entirely out of his element here in any way.  
  49. And that’s a wrap.  Thanks judges and Damborg for your efforts, and LOB for…showing up…?  :confused:  You can keep your soul LOB.  Henshaw’s is enough for me.  :up:
  52. :D