From Gruff Iguana, 8 Months ago, written in Text.
  1. [b][center][size=3]Semi-Final OP[/size][/b]
  2. So.  I will be honest - I misread the post from Phildo, and thought I had another week - more time to read up on Jean.
  4. But no matter.  It just means the juicy pot roast that is Smurph will have less time to cook.
  6. I have therefore, drafted, as before, [b]Invisible Woman[/b].  Many of my scans will be coming from the stupendous, amazingly one-sided unanimous beatdown of beatboks, but fear not, gentle judges, there will be new scans too!
  8. Ding, the match starts.
  10. I once more simultaneously attack and defend.  Again, judges, unlike anyone else in the tourney, [size=3]I alone can attack and defend with the same single thought[/size].  Emma certainly can’t - in fact, she is famous for only being able to do one bodyform at a time.
  12. Here, [b]Sue simultaneously forms a shield, blocks radiation, forms scalpels and other medical instruments, catches Coulson and slows his descent, holds veins shut, holds Kusar’s chest open, and turn bomb components invisible just so she can pinpoint the exact component to remove.[/b]
  14. Whilst being shouted at and talked through open-heart surgery.
  16. As angry Moloids are banging on the outside:
  23. Overkill?  Sure.  But it highlights just how adept Sue is at multi-tasking, and her finesse (open heart surgery does not get any finer than that).  I’m not Exodus, where using one power stops me from doing other things.
  25. Btw, in case anyone wonders - Coulson jumped from a mile up when he was caught.  What range!!
  27. So judges, this should NOT be in question.  As soon as the match starts, I can attack and defend.  But what will I be doing?
  29. Simples.  I will simultaneously open a bubble in Emma’s brain and create a shield around myself, whilst throwing her far far away.  For the BFR win.  Three actions, all combined in one.
  31. Three outcomes could happen when the match starts, judges.  One: she outspeeds me, and attacks.  Two: she outspeeds me, and defends.  Three, I phuck her up.  Because my attack and defense is the same outcome.
  33. I think, we are all agreed on this.  [b]Even Smurph would agree[/b].
  35. So, option one.  Is this possible?  No doubt, judges, Smurph will in his OP show Emma doing this, or that.  But at what speed?
  37. Once more, I draw your attention to these scans:
  41. Sue can throw shields up in the vacuum of space, after an explosion, in the space of fractions of a millisecond.  These are cold hard numbers, unlike his scans of Emma and Firestar.  I mean, I too have many scans showcasing her against bullets, against lasers, against explosions, against bombs, against physical attacks, energy attacks, whatever you want.  Same as Smurph.  But I ALSO have cold hard numbers here.
  43. I have shown conclusively that Sue can multitask, and multitask extremely well.  If I can do one thing, I can do five different things at once.
  45. So no, he is NOT outspeeding me in an attack.  If he says he can, well, please ask him to post cold, hard numbers.  
  47. And even then.  Even then, I still have my shield up.  Can he prove he can get around my shield, without resorting to PIS scans?  Highly doubtful.  And then, once past my shields - can he get past Malice?  Whilst fending off my attack?  Very highly doubtful.  Remember, judges: [b]if I can do ONE thing, then I can do MULTIPLE things[/b].  If you are convinced I can get a shield up - then that MUST mean my other constructs (the bubble and the...flinger?) are also present.  [b]You cannot have one without the other.[/b]
  49. Two.  Defense?  He COULD go diamond form.  But this is where my multitasking comes into play.
  51. IF she becomes diamond, negating my brain bubble for the insta-kill - I simply BFR her, by creating a construct underneath her and flinging her away.  If she DOESN’T become diamond - I simply fling her lifeless corpse far away.
  53. Remember this scan Smurph posted of Emma’s speed, switching between diamond etc?
  56. Here is the next scan:
  59. Whilst attacking Storm with TP (so Smurph’s single go-to attack) she was fried in the brain and BFRd.  By attacks which originate from the mind.  And she wasn’t shifting to diamond form, as you can plainly see.  Swap Storm out for Sue, add in the fact that all the actions would be simultaneous, and, well….
  61. Judges, this is short and sweet.  Because we have all seen scans of Sue’s multitasking, her speed.  I don’t need to post many scans - because my strategy is simple.  I am not out-muscling her, or doing incredibly complicated tactics.
  63. Speed kills.
  65. [img][/img]
  66. [/center]